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Hello Fellow Codenewbies 👋

Either you are still learning or you already work as a developer, maybe you heard a lot when people encourage you to go for meetups or conferences or anything and emphasize the importance of networking.

I am a stay home mom, start to learn to code almost 2 years ago when my daughter was almost 2 years old and I am self-taught.
However people suggest attending an event for networking, it wasn't a choice for me.

Most web development events in The Netherlands take place in cities that are pretty far to go with public transportation from where I live and the duration of the events would take at least 3 hours.
The major problem is that I cannot leave my daughter and there is no event where I'm able to bring my daughter with me. And prices for the events most of the time are way out of my pocket as someone without income.

Self-taught with a toddler could be very exhausting at times.
It was a lonely journey with no one to ask or share when you have questions or encounter problems with your code. I also have to chop my time of study here and there to take care of my kiddo and the house. And I could only manage to learn 2 hours max in a day.

It Started Here

I have an account on Twitter for ages but I barely use it.
One day from a massive burnout I tweeted about my struggle in learning.
Many people (and most are moms!) gave me motivations and one of them was Bekah.

She then introduced me to the Moms Can Code community where I finally joined. I found my first circle of community and actively learn together with some moms from MCC in the European timezone, until today. Though we are learning different tech, each other company is what I need the most. I can do it remotely, with my daughter by my side and since everybody is moms, they are all welcoming little face staring, talking, crying, even screaming in front of the laptop.
(You are my rock, Girls! ❤)

I also realized that webdev community on Twitter is amazingly huge, helpful, and friendly!
Due to life, I took an almost 6 months break from learning. I then came back, made a new account on Twitter to open a new page of my coming back and start to get more active to log my learning and ask questions using #100DaysofCode.
I met many amazing people on Twitter who help me tremendously during my journey.


This year is such a sad year for the whole world due to COVID. The lockdowns, work from home, people become jobless, people lost their loved ones, depressions, anxieties, you name it.

One day I saw Bekah tweeted about holding a virtual coffee. Not long after that, I saw that she invites devs from any background to join the Slack group of Virtual Coffee which I then joined.

I was only lurking around for a while because I honestly felt ashamed that I am not a dev yet and my knowledge is still on the 'beginner' level.
After a few weeks, I finally found the courage to introduce myself and I instantly feel the warmth!
Due to the time differences, for a while, I could only be active on Slack group, until I was able to attend the morning coffee and met everybody in person via Zoom call.
And I am now one of the proud members of Virtual Coffee community.

2020 is a black year, but it's also a blessing for me.

Because here I am now, with my limitations, not only I found networks and be in a community, but I also make friends with amazing people and found a warm support system! ❤

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